I tried just creating the meeting, but got error ""code": 1001, "message": "User does not exist:.""

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HI @gumax1962
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share more details about this issue?
What type of application are you using?

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Hi @elisa.zoom I tried OAuth Account Level and Server-to-server.
I use Postman

  1. I get a token
  2. I create a meeting using the api with https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{e-mail}/meetings
  "agenda": "My Meeting",
  "default_password": false,
  "duration": 60,
  "pre_schedule": true,
  "settings": {
    "allow_multiple_devices": true,
    "authentication_option": "signIn_D8cJuqWVQ623CI4Q8yQK0Q",
    "breakout_room": {
      "enable": true,
      "rooms": [
          "name": "room1"
    "calendar_type": 1,
    "close_registration": false,
    "contact_email": "cryptomax1989@gmail.com",
    "contact_name": "Jill Chill",
    "email_notification": true,
    "encryption_type": "enhanced_encryption",
    "focus_mode": true,
    "host_video": true,
    "jbh_time": 0,
    "join_before_host": false,
    "language_interpretation": {
      "enable": true
    "mute_upon_entry": false,
    "participant_video": false,
    "private_meeting": false,
    "registrants_confirmation_email": true,
    "registrants_email_notification": true,
    "registration_type": 1,
    "show_share_button": true,
    "use_pmi": false,
    "waiting_room": false,
    "watermark": false,
    "host_save_video_order": true
  "start_time": "2022-12-25T07:32:55Z",
  "template_id": "Dv4YdINdTk+Z5RToadh5ug==",
  "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "topic": "My Meeting",
  "tracking_fields": [
      "field": "field1",
      "value": "value1"
  "type": 2
  1. I get a error
    "code": 1001,
    "message": "User does not exist: cryptomax1989@gmail.com."

I need to implement the following scenario in my application. There is an expert - zoom user. Another user - client books a time with this expert and the application creates a zoom meeting on behalf of the expert.

My application is not published, this may be the reason. My account is free(non-payed)


Hi @gumax1962

If you want to develop an application that is going to be creating meetings on behalf of a third party person, then you will need to create an OAuth app instead of a Sever-to-Server (the server-to-server is meant to use for internal applications only)

You are probably getting the error “user does not exist” because the user does not belong to the account credentials with which you are creating the meeting

Here is the link to our Docs that will help you get you started with OAuth

Hope this helps,

I am getting this error in OAuth application too

Right, so if your app is not published in the Marketplace this error is expected
You will need to have the user you are trying to schedule the meeting for, to authorize your application so it can create meetings on their behalf

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Thank you @elisa.zoom ! What type of application do you need? Account-level or user-managed? Help me please

We want to create links for meetings after our users buy consultation from an expert.

Do we need to buy some sort of license for each expert account or pay for each account? So we could generate links for different users and different experts.
Or we can create this links without any problems and additional payments?
Does it depend on the type of application?

Hi @gumax1962
I have a follow-up question here to understand your use case better.
Are you creating a Web application? with this I mean if you are trying to embed Zoom into your webpage?

Now, whether you need user level or account level, depends on your use case:
If you want any user with an account to authorize the app, then you would be looking into the:

  • User-managed app — The app is added and authorized by individual users. Your app only has access to authenticated users’ data.

If you want it to be an app that has to be managed at an account level and the admin of the account needs to control who authorizes or not the app, then an account-level app is what you need

  • Account-level app — The admin manages users’ across an entire account. An admin also controls adding and managing apps across users in the same account.

Now, if you want to create an app and have it published in the Marketplace like these ones:

You will need to work on your app and submit it for Review with our Marketplace team:

Lastly, you can create an app with a free account, you do not need to pay extra in order to develop an application.

Hope this helps,

I don’t need to embed in the app. I only need the functionality to create meeting.

This is just what is needed. All you need is a meeting scheduling feature

Thank you very much @elisa.zoom !

Thanks for the clarification @gumax1962

So, it looks like you want to create an OAuth app:

And again, in order to have 3rd party users authorizing your app, it needs to be published in the Marketplace, here is a link to our Docs:

Let me know if there is anything else I could do for you.