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Hello Folks,

I have the ZR-CSAPI SSH API running on a Extron 355M controller just fine, but have a question about scheduled meetings showing up in the Meeting List.

I haven’t yet jumped through the hoops of getting the Zoom Room setup as a calendar resource in Office365. (we’re a 365 house)

However, I did login to the ZR via the portal and scheduled a meeting via the ZR user settings…problem is it does not show up in the Meeting list on the GUI.

Is the 365 setup a prerequisite to getting meetings to show up in the Meeting list?

Thanks in advance for any replies,



The Zoom Room only shows scheduled meetings via the calendar integration; the Zoom Room must be configured as a meeting resource (a conference room) on the calendar app. If you log in using the Zoom Room user name that is automatically generated for a Zoom Room, and schedule a meeting as that Zoom Room user, the resulting scheduled meeting is not displayed in the list of scheduled meetings on the Zoom Room.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to reply Scott. Appreciate it!



What have you done for the GUI? custom one? or tried to make the Zoom room one?



We’re using the Extron provided GCP project template that’s based on the Extron 2.0 Zoom driver. It includes the GUI.



We have received your request and we will be updating you shortly.