Meeting not existed on iOS and Android

When I try to enter a webinar on android or iOS devices via Web Client SDK v1.9.5, I receive the following response from the ZoomMtg.join Method:

"result":"Meeting not existed.",

On Desktop, it works fine, but on mobile browsers doesn’t.
I have also checked the parameters for the join method, and they are the same for desktop and mobile devices.

Do you know what happens here?

Hi @samurodrigo,

Are you seeing any errors in the browser console? Additionally, can you confirm that you’re using a valid Meeting ID that’s already been scheduled?


Hello Will,
Yes, this error is a console.log from our code. Please, look at the code below:

 function zoomjoin(data) {
            apiKey: data.apiKey,
            signature: data.signature,
            userName: data.userName,
            userEmail: data.userEmail,
            passWord: data.password,
            meetingNumber: data.number,
            success() {
                    success: function (res) {
                        console.log("Zoom Get Attendees List",  res.result );

                    success(res) {
                        console.log('Zoom Get Current User: ', res.result);
            error(error) {
                console.log(error) // here shows the "Meeting not existed" error on console

About the meeting ID, yes, it is scheduled. It is working on desktop browsers, but not on mobile.

Hey @samurodrigo,

I would make sure that there isn’t something with the mobile version that is changing the meeting ID. Could it be hard coded for mobile devices?

I’ll note that currently the Web SDK doesn’t support mobile browsers but we are working to expand our platform support in the future.


Hello Max,
I’ve double checked and there are no hard coded meeting id for mobile devices.

I saw that until the version 1.9.6, mobile devices were supported, but from this version and above, the documentation says that mobile devices are not supported. Why we had such change? We was using it in a big project but now it is not working anymore. Even if we change to a previous version.

Thanks and regards,


Hey @samurodrigo,

The support for mobile platforms was a mistake in our documentation that we corrected. Ultimately, this is a change we made to better align with the support that we can provide for the Web SDK.

However, I have seen others still have success with the SDK on mobile platforms so I’m thinking something else is going on here as well. Does the behavior change based on the mobile device or browser that you are using?


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