Web SDK on iOS for meetings

I’ve just started proof-of-concept testing with the Web SDK, version 1.7.6, and have not yet been able to successfully join a meeting using Chrome on iOS. Win+Chrome, Win+Chromium Edge, and Android+Chrome all work very well. In iOS, using the Web SDK sample app, I get the console.log('checkSystemRequirements'); output, but the console.log(ZoomMtg.checkSystemRequirements()) call is not completed (or, at least, I don’t see the output), and other javascript functions don’t seem to run. When I click on the “join” button, the page seems to reload, but nothing else happens. None of the test tool code runs either. I’ve successfully joined with the other devices, as mentioned, so I know the app is working.

Is the Web SDK compatible with Chrome (or other browsers) on iOS? If so, are there issues with the sample app on iOS? What do we need to do to make the Web SDK function properly on iOS? Thanks!

Hi @SpeakingPartner_Teac,

The WebSDK should be compatible for iOS for joining meetings. Can you show a screenshot or a screen recording of the issue, along with the meeting ID?


Hi @Michael_Purnell,

I’ve been testing this implementation on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android with various browsers. It has performed as expected in every case, except on iOS. In Chrome on iOS the player loads with a black window but nothing happens and the participant isn’t joined to the meeting.

When I was using the vanilla web SDK sample app I never saw an error in the Chrome console on iOS, but the checkSystemRequirements method never ran either. Now, in my full implementation, there is a javascript error as follows:

WARNING jQuery.Deferred exception: null is not an object (evaluating ‘e.match(/versoin/[\d.]+/gi).toString’) z@https://source.zoom.us/zoom-meeting-1.7.7.min.js:2:6626
https://[my domain]/Scripts/Zoom/WebPlayer.js:21:82
https://[my domain]/Scripts/Zoom/WebPlayer.js:159:27

The error mentioned on my script, line 21 is the call to console.log(JSON.stringify(ZoomMtg.checkSystemRequirements()));.

This error does not appear in any other device or browser, just my tests on Chrome on iOS. I’ve attached screenshots. The first just shows a blank/black window. The second shows the output of the Chrome inspect console. The testing was done on iPhone 11 Pro with Chrome v80.

Any help you can provide is appreciated!

Thanks for sharing these details @SpeakingPartner_Teac!

We will investigate why this is happening on Chrome iOS. (CS-1839)


you can remove console.log(JSON.stringify(ZoomMtg.checkSystemRequirements())); and try. this code just console check env info.

I am using Web sdk 1.7.8.

I am including these pre functions

still I am getting blank screen only in Chrome on iPhone XR 13.5.1 , but in Safari its working without audio.

Even after commenting console.log(JSON.stringify(ZoomMtg.checkSystemRequirements()));
I am getting a error like “null is not an object (‘e.match(/version/[\d.]+gi).tostring’)”

Hey @Seethaprasad_Mandike,

This issue should be fixed in version 1.7.9: