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Actually, i am working in a solution to create a meeting within my web application (a .NET framework project). This meeting needs to be embed there. I have explored the sdk and the jwt solutions, but i have read that in both is not possible to create a meeting. I also have the need of create the meeting with different users. I have gotten the start meeting url, but, it only works with my user, i need to start the meeting with different users.

The main problem i faced is the way to create the meeting with any user, i have not found the way to do it. I have downloaded the sdk and i have used the JWT api and i have generated the tokens, but, i need the way to do it with different zoom accounts

Hey @camilo17746,

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JWT tokens only work at an account level. This means that you are only able to interact with your user, and any sub users added under that account.

To interact with other zoom accounts not linked to your main account, you need to authenticate using OAuth.



Hi Alex,

With OAuth can i create meetings with any user?? but, with my account clientID and clientSecret or i need these credentials to all users who need create a meeting from my application??

Thanks for your help

Hey @camilo17746,

Good question! When you create an OAuth App and publish it to our marketplace, that allows others to install it. When they install your app, you’ll receive a token to make requests on their behalf.

You can then call the Create a Meeting API on behalf of that user.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi @MaxM

If i need 1 set of keys (clientId and clientSecret) to many users in my web application, can i register their emails in the zoom app?? The idea is that they can create meetings regardless i am connected.

Thanks for your help

Hi @camilo17746,

The flow you’re describing is not currently possible via OAuth—an end user will be required to authorize your app in order for your app to make requests on their behalf. However, keep in mind users only need to do this once, initially—after that you can programmatically refresh their access tokens so that your application can continue to make requests on their behalf.


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Hi Will,

I have gotten the url to start the meeting with any user (an admin user), but, i need to embed that meeting into my website, i don’t know if there are a solution for this, i looked for sdk solution and i understand that this solution only works with JWT, with Oauth doesn’t work. There are other solution for this?? I have read the solution with an iFrame, but, i need to start the meeting and i have only found solutions to join the meeting.


Hey @camilo17746,

If you want to start building with the Web SDK you can follow our guide here:

The JWT token will be used when you Generate a Signature.

You can also use our Sample Web App as a reference when building your application.

Let me know if that helps.


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