Meeting.participant_joined webhooks have invalid or corrupt data

Some (about 5%) of webhook events sent to my application contain invalid or corrupt data. e.g. nulls, or user_id with a date string appended.

The invalid data in the webhook means I cannot process the webhook event correctly, rendering it useless.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT app with Event Subscriptions (Webhook)

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
1604504679536 zoom_event headers: {
‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json; charset=utf-8’,
‘Content-Length’: ‘385’,
‘Authorization’: ‘’,
‘Clientid’: ‘’,
‘Cloudfront-Forwarded-Proto’: ‘https’,
‘Cloudfront-Is-Desktop-Viewer’: ‘true’,
‘Cloudfront-Is-Mobile-Viewer’: ‘false’,
‘Cloudfront-Is-Smarttv-Viewer’: ‘false’,
‘Cloudfront-Is-Tablet-Viewer’: ‘false’,
‘Cloudfront-Viewer-Country’: ‘US’,
‘Host’: ‘’,
‘User-Agent’: ‘Zoom Marketplace/1.0a’,
‘Via’: ‘1.1 (CloudFront)’,
‘X-Amz-Cf-Id’: ‘GzRHtw35UXBlDL_pzMO9q-_hStwhcRXVwV-Q8q8DUv0_8vMfKLadqA==’,
‘X-Amzn-Trace-Id’: ‘Root=1-5fa2cc67-5365da4b5d0c2cc42c614e65’,
‘X-Forwarded-For’: ‘,’,
‘X-Forwarded-Port’: ‘443’,
‘X-Forwarded-Proto’: ‘https’,
‘X-Zm-Trackingid’: ‘Webhook_5087e8c211af403ca8889856ab06bd89’
1604504679536 zoom_event raw_body: {
“payload”: {
“account_id”: “”,
“object”: {
“uuid”: “”,
“participant”: {
“user_id”: “000000002020-11-04 15:44:35:078”,
“user_name”: “”,
“id”: “”,
“join_time”: “2020-11-04T15:44:35Z”
“id”: null,
“type”: 0,
“topic”: null,
“host_id”: “”,
“duration”: 0,
“start_time”: null,
“timezone”: null
“event”: “meeting.participant_joined”

(note, I have redacted some data, and zeroed out the userid in this log, it is a valid zoom id but the rest of the string is as-is, i.e. that date string is what I see in the field, appended to the userid.

Hey @sweetaz,

Thanks for reaching out about this. As a first step, can you let me know if, for users where certain data is missing (userId, email, etc.), whether they were guests or not?

If a user joins your meeting as a guest/without authenticating, not all of those details will be provided in the webhook payload (to protect PII).

Let me know—thanks!

I’ve definitely seen the problem with signed-in zoom users, not sure about guests.
I can send unredacted logs (and more examples) somewhere less public if need be.

Also, the meeting id should never be null, regardless of whether or not the user is a guest, right?

Hey @sweetaz,

Thanks for clarifying. That’s right—if you could send us some raw examples at this would be really helpful.


Sent just now, request #8641136

Thanks—I will continue the conversation there!

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