Meeting.participant_left_breakout_room not received for external user

I am in the process of developing an oauth app. I have been testing the breakout room webhooks and came across some unexpected behaviour. When a external user who is not signed into a zoom account joins a breakout room. I received the meeting.participant_joined_breakout_room webhook but when that user leaves the meeting.participant_left_breakout_room webhook is not received.

I tested the same scenario with internal and external users who are signed into their accounts and both webhooks are received.

I do not think this is intentional behaviour for an external user because I receive the initial meeting.participant_joined_breakout_room webhook.

Hi @software3

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.
Allow me a couple of days to do some testing on my end and I will come back to you with an update shortly.



this event is not working

meeting.participant_joined_breakout_room is working but meeting.participant_left_breakout_room is no longer working in any circumstances

Hi! @software3 and @zoom2022ikhwah

Thanks for your patience while I do some debugging on my end. Unfortunately I am not able to replicate this behavior, I am getting the events both for meeting.participant_joined_breakout_room and meeting.participant_left_breakout_room.

Feel free to refer to this post as for next steps: