Is there an API to rename a participant?

I’d like to know if there’s an API that would allow a Zoom App to rename participants in a meeting.

Additional context
Due to the COVID-19 situation, a friend is regularly hosting meetings with ~100 attendees, including elderly people and other people that aren’t very comfortable with using Zoom and digital stuff in general.

As a result, some of these people don’t know how to rename themselves in Zoom and even if you try to explain it to them it’s too complicated for them to understand, so each time they connect to the meeting their device’s name (e.g. “Galaxy J6”) is displayed instead of their real name.

Of course we can rename them manually via the “Rename” button, but it’s a bit tedious to do it at every meeting (there are several meetings per week). So instead I’d like to create a Zoom App which would use the webhooks feature to get notified each time an attendee comes in, and then auto-rename him if we know he can’t do it by himself (the tool would look for its userId – or whatever you call it – in a table of userId / realName rows stored in a database).

But for this to work there needs to be an API endpoint that allows Zoom Apps to rename participants.
My question is : is there such an API? If not, is there another way to solve this problem?


Hi @flawyte, you can use the Meeting Registration to generate unique join URLs for each participant. In doing so, you set the First & Last Name of each participant. You would then just need to distribute each of these unique links to the right participant.

You can set these in the web portal, or via the Add Meeting Registrant API. Let us know if we can help!

Hi @michael.harrington. Thanks for the quick response.

Does this mean that every participant will have to fill in a form to attend the meeting, and that we have to distribute a unique join link for every participant? What happens if someone doesn’t register, can he still join the meeting?

Hi @flawyte, yes, in using registration you would need to have the details of their first/last names entered. Login is not required to join Zoom meetings; so, if someone does not enter as a logged-in user, the client app won’t know who they are. Registration links allow you to join a user with their first/last name pre-set.

If someone does not register, they could join based on the registration settings of the meeting. From the Meetings API: