Meeting Participants Do Not Exist, but Meeting is Available in Archive API

API Endpoints:

  1. GET /archive_files
  2. GET /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants
  3. GET /past_meetings/{meetingId}/participants

We have developed a tool to archive meeting data which requires the collection of participants for those meetings. However, we are continuously running into issues because the archive files api shows meetings available, but when we go to call participants of that meeting the participant api says the meeting does not exist.
We see this happen in both of these scenarios:

  • The meeting started, but was still ongoing so it was available in the Archive API, but not in the Participant API
  • The meeting started and ended, but was a long meeting so the meeting is available in the Archive API, but not yet available in the Participant API.

Is there any plans to limit the lag between meetings coming available in the Archive Files API & the Participant APIs?
Ideally it would be best to only provide meetings that are “not ongoing” in the archive api or to provide a list of participants in the Archive API so that there is no need to call a separate Participant API.

{“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting does not exist: +DqPP4LdQwqKxQ0CFIxx2A.”}

How to Reproduce:

  1. Create a meeting, do not end the meeting. (Or if you end the meeting then you’ll need to make the api calls quickly unless the meeting was a long meeting then the lag seems to be longer.)
  2. Wait a few minutes, call the Archive_Files API - The meeting will be listed
  3. Call either Participant APIs - The meeting does not exist.
  4. End the meeting

Hi @emason1 ,

The following are for past meetings which explain why the data was not available before you ended the meetings:

  • GET /report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants
  • GET /past_meetings/{meetingId}/participants

After the meetings ended and you queried these endpoints, were you able to see responses returned?

Yes, but there is a lag between when a meeting has ended and the participants becoming available via API. Is there another api that would be recommended to avoid this type of issue?

Hi @emason1 ,

Perhaps our dashboard API endpoints could work for you since the are queryable during live meetings. Check out the participant endpoints and see if it makes sense: