Meeting registrant statuses names in response do not match names from request.


I’m wondering why meeting registrant statuses names in registrants API response do not match to status name from request. When i request “denied” registrants, i receive users with status “all” and when i request “pending” registrants I receive users with “approval”:

Can we know when those changes happened and when there are any updates happening to API structure? Our application relies on registrant’s status and it started to handle request in wrong way two days before.


Hi Mike, 

Let me report this to our Engineering team to confirm what the status"all" or “approval” are showing up. I’ll follow back with you within the next day or so. 


Hi Mike,

Following up on this, it is a bug within our API, our Engineers will be working on to fix this in a future release. 

Hello Michael,

We had two custom development projects affected by this. 

What is the best way to know about API release updates, specifically minor ones?  When they are being deployed?  Release Notes?  How we can test please?  Is there a UAT environment for the developer API?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Mike Kollen
Chief Architect


Hi Mike, 

The best way to know about all API releases are through subscribing to web updates and also through docs page - 

The fixes will most likely be made within the next release during November. Currently we do not have a UAT environment for our developer API. 



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