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We’re in the process to see if Zoom will work for our client who has a Training website, which has onsite and online classes. Their authenticated users register for these classes and when the class is over, attendance is taken. When an action occurs from the Training website, we would like to accomplish the following via the API:

  1. When they create an online class from the Training website, we would create a Zoom Meeting via the API and store the meetingId locally

  2. When an authenticated user registers for an online class from the Training website, a Zoom Registration for the Zoom Meeting is created via the API and the registrationId is stored.

  3. When the class is over, ideally a webhook is called and we would record attendance by comparing the registrationIds for the meetingId

It looks like this would generally be supported, but we have a few questions I’m hoping can be addressed:

  1. Will a user registration, when posted via the API, require additional clicks and input from the user from Zoom to complete the registration?

  2. Does the webhook contain the meetingId & registrationId? If not, can we retrieve all registrationId’s for a meetingId from another endpoint? In the docs I see ‘particpantId’ but am not sure if that’s the same as registrationId.

Thank you!

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Greeting and Welcome, @njsent,

No additional clicks or input from the user is required when adding a registrant via API. The only required fields for the Add a meeting registrant are :

  • meetingId
  • first_name
  • email

As long as the above information is provided the registration process should be seamless.

You can track attendance with our webhook events. Please see this post for more details on mapping meetings & registration Ids:

You can list all users that have registered for a meeting via List meeting registrants:

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