Meeting Reports API for Free accounts

I’ve submitted a ticket to support, but thought I would post here as well.

As a teacher who has found Zoom incredibly useful during the current situation, one of the MAJOR pain points for me right now is that I cannot take attendance after my “classes.” I know that Zoom offers an API endpoint for getting a list of meeting participants after a meeting, but it is currently limited to paid plans only. I have developed a small app (Google Sheets Add-on) for my district that helps teachers collect attendance from the different platforms that they use, and I would love to be able to include Zoom in it. I know that our staff would find this amazingly useful also (and I’m sure a number of other school districts/edu users, as well).

I am naught, but a humble teacher who also enjoys programming, and having this available would save me hours each week. I hope that you will consider making the Meeting Participants Reports API endpoint open to ALL users, including Free accounts. Thanks!

Hey @smith.kyle, without a paid license it might be difficult to use Reports, but we can get this to work using our Meeting Participation Events. To make this available publicly, we could release it as a Marketplace app, and then anyone could use it. Would you mind either sharing your Add-on here, or Direct Messaging me? I’d love to see how we can help :slight_smile:

Hi @michael.harrington! Thanks for the response, and sorry for the delay - been way busy with my teaching duties, unfortunately. I looked at the Meeting Participant events, and, while it would work for me individually because I know how to some coding and could set up my spreadsheet to receive a webhook POST, G Suite editor add-ons cannot receive POST webhooks (that I am aware of) based on the user running the add-on.

As an alternate method, if my district has a paid account, would I be able to use the Reports API to get data for users in our domain using an API key from their account?

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Hey @smith.kyle,

Yes, with the Pro account, you can use the reports API. You can make authenticated requests using JWT Tokens or OAuth tokens.