Meeting Rooms - create and assign users via API?


Meetings allow creation of virtual rooms, however I need to manually assign people to rooms (if I need specific people be in specific rooms). This consumes time while people wait online, with 10+ rooms and 60+ members to be distributed in rooms this takes a while.

Can I programmatically create rooms and assign people to rooms prior to login or at the time after meeting was created?


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Hi @vbogdanov,

Great question—while it’s something that is on our roadmap, I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to manage Breakout Rooms via API.

That said, we do hope to add this functionality in the future, so stay tuned to our Changelog for updates!


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Thanks @will.zoom , great to know that this is on the roadmap!

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No problem, @vbogdanov — thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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