Meeting SDK for web doesn't work with iOS

We are suffering from an unexpected crash of the recent version (v2.14.0) of Zoom Meeting SDK for web. We’re using it with the client view mode. Implementation is quite simple. The system was working fine with v2.6.0.

The problem occurs only with iOS devices, including iPhone 14, iPhone Xs and iPhone SE2. It occurs with Safari browser of recent iOS, at least v16.5.1(c).

When the problem occurs, the Meeting SDK works somewhat. But a short time after, received camera view or UI response start to delay, and finally Safari browser forces to reload the entire page.

Mystery is that this problem doesn’t always occur. We observed higher frequency with the following conditions.

  • With cellular (not wifi) network

  • Initial page view (of web page with meeting SDK) of private browsing.

The problem sometimes occurs repetitively (that means the page keeps reloading), but in such time, it stops to occur after quitting Safari once and waiting for a while (about 20 sec). During such repetitive page reload, iPhone was quite hot, meaning higher CPU usage.

All of these results seem to suggest unstable SDK operation. I can’t understand how Zoom declare iOS Safari as a supported platform.

How can we improve this situation?

I could reproduce these problems with the official sample program from Zoom too.

I hope Zoom will improve this situation soon.

I could reproduce these problems with the official sample program from Zoom and iOS 16.6 too.
I hope Zoom will improve this situation soon.

yes the problem with iPhones was introduced with version 2.97

How does everybody workaround this problem?
Or, nobody use Meeting SDK for Web with iOS?

The latest Meeting SDK for Web v2.15.0 DID NOT resolve this problem!

deadline for the last working version 2.9.5 will be November 4, 2023

maybe they still manage a working version for iOS

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@masashisato , thank you for raising this issue up, let me look at this and get back to you as soon as possible

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@masashisato ,

We have filed a bug based on your inputs, and will be releasing a fix based on the description above.

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Hi @chunsiong.zoom , can you please share the ticket number here for the bug so other Zoomies can track as needed? :slight_smile:

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Sure thing @gianni.zoom

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  • Fixed an issue where occasionally iOS Safari browser crashes and refreshes.

I’ll try it.

The problem was fixed!

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yes - my iPhone SE is working with 2.15.2

it also no longer gets hot when accessing the zoom web client

there is only a small problem with 2.15.2 - the Statistics seems broken

this is while my iPhone is successfully sending video to my windows 10 pc

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