Meeting SDK (Linux) doesn't propose HD video capability


  • I’m working with Meeting SDK for Linux, (zoom-meeting-sdk-linux_x86_64-
  • I believe that my instance is powerful enough to meet HD video criteria (VM in Azure cloud - Standard E8as v4 (8 vcpus, 64 GiB memory))
  • My plan is Zoom One Pro.
  • “Meeting-HD Video Quality” is on in “Settings” and “Account Management :: Account Settings”

Despite my efforts to enable HD video, I’m still getting the following supported and suggested capabilities in IZoomSDKVideoSource::onInitialize()

  • 320x180, frame: 25
  • 640x480, frame: 25
  • suggested_cap: 640x480, frame: 25

Here is the code that is called before IZoomSDKVideoSource::onInitialize(), this code dumps current video settings and tries to change some of them:

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IVideoSettingContext* pVideoContext = mSettingService->GetVideoSettings();
    LOG_INFO << "IsHDVideoEnabled " << pVideoContext->IsHDVideoEnabled();
    LOG_INFO << "IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo " << pVideoContext->IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo();
    LOG_INFO << "IsVideoAutoFramingEnabled " << pVideoContext->IsVideoAutoFramingEnabled();
    LOG_INFO << "IsOptimizeVideoQualityEnabled " << pVideoContext->IsOptimizeVideoQualityEnabled();
    LOG_INFO << "IsOptimizeVideoQualitySupported " << pVideoContext->IsOptimizeVideoQualitySupported();
    LOG_INFO << "IsAlwaysShowNameOnVideoEnabled " << pVideoContext->IsAlwaysShowNameOnVideoEnabled();

    err = pVideoContext->EnableAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo(true);
    if (err != SDKERR_SUCCESS)
        LOG_ERROR << "Can't IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo " << err;
        LOG_INFO << "Set IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo";
    LOG_INFO << "IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo " << pVideoContext->IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo();

    err = pVideoContext->EnableHDVideo(true);
    if (err != SDKERR_SUCCESS)
        LOG_ERROR << "Can't EnableHDVideo " << err;
        LOG_INFO << "Set EnableHDVideo";
    LOG_INFO << "IsHDVideoEnabled " << pVideoContext->IsHDVideoEnabled();

Log output shows that my attempt to enable HD video was successful and HD video seems to be enabled after the call (I saw on smaller machines that EnableHDVideo(true) has no effect, IsHDVideoEnabled() still returns false).
Please find the log output below

[2024-02-12 10:58:08.310796][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsHDVideoEnabled false
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.310856][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo false
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.310901][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsVideoAutoFramingEnabled false
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.310956][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsOptimizeVideoQualityEnabled true
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.310997][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsOptimizeVideoQualitySupported false
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.311061][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsAlwaysShowNameOnVideoEnabled true
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.324689][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : Set IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.324730][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsAlwaysUseOriginalSizeVideo true
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.337737][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : Set EnableHDVideo
[2024-02-12 10:58:08.337778][info]: [0x00007fb3540a5a80] : IsHDVideoEnabled true

Could you please let me know how to obtain HD video in the caps provided by Zoom Meeting SDK so I can stream raw HD video?


@lyolik I’ll PM for some details to check on your account

Thanks, indeed, it’s turned out I’ve missed the step “contact Zoom support and request “Meeting SDK For Web 720p” feature to be enabled for my account”.

Now it works and I’m getting 1280x720 cap and able to stream HD content.

[2024-02-16 15:26:44.425946][info]: [0x00007f29f786d580] : [Main->VideoManager]  320x180, frame: 25
[2024-02-16 15:26:44.425967][info]: [0x00007f29f786d580] : [Main->VideoManager]  640x480, frame: 25
[2024-02-16 15:26:44.425991][info]: [0x00007f29f786d580] : [Main->VideoManager]  1280x720, frame: 25
[2024-02-16 15:26:44.426013][info]: [0x00007f29f786d580] : [Main->VideoManager]  suggest_cap: 1280x720, frame: 25

Thank you very much for your help