Meeting SDK Web 2.10.0 release

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Meeting SDK Web 2.10.0 release :slight_smile:



  • New option to the init function to set users’ default view (e.g. Gallery/Speaker), and hide the share audio option for Chrome tabs. See API reference for details.

Client view


  • New network quality event: onNetworkQualityChange


  • Mobile device styling.


  • Regression that caused issues subscribing to videos in 720p.
  • Clarity of an error message for when the host has been disabled or removed.

Component view


  • “Speaker View” as a new view option.
  • New network quality icon for participants when on speaker view.
  • Support for webinar practice mode and option to start live broadcasts.
  • Support for subscribing to “active-speaker” events.


  • An issue where the ZAK token was unintentionally cached from a previous join.
  • Certain edge cases that caused participant tiles to not show properly after resizing the view container, or after a participant left the meeting.
  • Unintentional errors with subsequent calls to init after leaving a meeting, destroying the client, and recreating the client.

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog:


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I have the issue even if I take all other features out, but if I was to say set isResizable to false, then it is no longer resizable. But no matter what I can’t get the default view to be set to gallery view.

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