Meeting SDK Web version 2.6.0

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Video SDK Web version 2.6.0 :slight_smile:

Client View


  • Support for in-session resource.
  • Support for a customized waiting room.
  • Support watermark.
  • Support for sending 720P on macOS.
  • Support new LTT translation.


  • Showed wrong time in the waiting room when the meeting or webinar did not start.
  • Remove preview page join button error.
  • Learn more redirected to a 404 page because the resource was renamed.
  • Virtual Background state was not saved when refreshing the page.
  • Promote or demote attendee settings for audio or video options were not the same.

Component View


  • Support for webinar Q&A.


Hi @tommy,

I checked the Web SDK changelog first before this thread and I noticed there was the following info there.


  1. Reverted audio-handling changes in v2.5.0 to support the Chrome 104 beta

May I know what is that for? We will be just updating our app to use Zoom Web SDK v.2.5.0 next week but will there be an issue with Chrome 104?


Hey @lfrancia ,

No issues with Chrome 104. :slight_smile:


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So 2.4.0 has issues with 104 correct and we need to update quickly to .5 or .6 now

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we do some change in order to support chrome 104 beta when we release 2.5.0. After chrome 104 released, this change don’t need it. so we revert it. so No issues with Chrome 104.

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