Web SDK - Audio not working with Chrome 100+ - Status?


We reported a month ago that the Zoom Web SDK is not working (the audio) on Chrome browser with a user agent version over 100 via the Support center.

Even if we reported details about the issue, video & audio recording demonstrating the issue, step by step procedure to reproduce the issue on your own demonstration application, hints about the reason why it might not work, the support still continue to “try to understand what is the problem” and ask for more information. The cherry on the cake, we even had an online meeting - requested by your support - tonight, and the zoom employee did not even show up to his own meeting.

Since your support does not help at all, trying to get more information from this forum seems to be the only remaining option.

Are you aware of this issue, do you work on it, is it something related to our setup (not using yet web isolation for example) ?

Any status on that matter would be very appreciated.
FYI, you can find more information in the ticket here


After almost 2 months, still no reply from anyone on that problem ?

You just need to use a Chrome browser from the beta or dev channel, or from your stable release, activate the following flag to simulate a version over 100.

The audio is really crappy, sounds like a monster, a mouse or a robot with parasites depending on the OS used.

Version 100 of Chrome browser is coming in March.

Up, nobody else is affected by this ?

@nvivot I was curious about this so I tested it(in the past months, we’ve had a lot of issues mainly related to webinars).

The audio is really crappy, sounds like a monster, a mouse or a robot with parasites

ROFL, I’m having exactly the same issue. I guess there will be a release soon to fix this?

On top of that, we’ve received an increased amount of complaints about audio issues, people not being able to hear anything after giving permissions. This happens randomly even with Chrome’s latest version, I do not know what to think anymore…

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Well, we are fighting with the support since two months now so that somebody at Zoom start to investigate it, without any success.

Thank you very much for taking time to test this & reporting here.

About your issue on Audio. Did you upgrade to the SDK 2.1.1 recently, has the report started right after that ?
Because on our side, we noticed that with this version of the SDK, when people start to do screen sharing with Chrome Tab (not window), and the “share audio tab” check box is checked (which is the default since a while now), then the Zoom Web SDK now mute the participant that share.

This behavior was not there on the 2.0.1 and is very confusing for people (since nothing changed except a small notice when you join a meeting about the fact that you’ll be muted if you share audio tab)

Please double check that this is not the issue your customers are facing, just in case. We had to rollback yesterday back to the 2.0.1 because of that as many of our users were complaining about it.