MEETING SDK with CLIENT VIEW List of webinar participants

I am having a client who has an e-learning platform where teachers can host zoom webinars for students. I was asked to integrate the zoom api (both end points to manage webinars from the e-learning platforms and embedded webinars using the meeting sdk).

For embedded webinars i used the client view from the meeting sdk. The host have a button to see the list of participants but normal attendees (students in our case) don’t have that button. Is there a way to enable all participants to view the list ?

Hi @ilybenh1, this is the expected behavior in a Webinar. Participants are not able to see who is attending. This information is only available to a host.

Is it possible to change it so that even participants can view the list ?
It’s nice for students to see each others in the participants list.

I understand the value, but unfortunately no, not out of the box with Webinars. Webinars are not designed or intended for an audience member’s participation to be visible.

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