Webinar participants in websdk

how i can show the exact numbers of the webinar participants and design it in the Front End?

we are using React(Javascript)


Hi @sharon,

Just to confirm, you want to be able to show the number of webinar participants correct? If so, you can use your webinar participants join webhook[1] to get a notification of when a new person joins the webinar. From there you can count the number of notifications within your system and display it using css within the web page.

1- https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/webhook-reference/webinar-events/webinar-participant-joined

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks a lot for fast reply.

in your solution, we need to count the numbers in the server side and update the client side with web socket or something like that.

we are trying to find solution that we dont need to count it, and get it directly to the FE without and Backend, just with the WebSDK

Hey @sharon,

Have you tried using the getAttendeeslist function in the Web SDK?

An alternative is setting up a simple backend server that calls the Get Webinar Participants endpoint (due note the rate limits.)

Or you can use the Webhooks like Michael suggested as that data is in realtime.


we will try it and update u.

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Yes, please let us know!


Anybody please tell me how to use webhook in create meeting of zoom api so i can get specific participants…

Hey @yash.sakali,

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