Meeting Timer via API

I would like to display a timer during a meeting. I would like this timer to begin at an arbitrary value (say 120 seconds), and then increment by one second every second, in a display that all participants can see in an HH:MM:SS format. Can I do this via the API?

Or can I at least set a timer for a meeting that starts at 00:00:00?


Hey @kgandy, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Unfortunately there is no way to do this via the Zoom API. With some coding, you could do this with our SDKs.

However, you can enable it via your Zoom Settings:


Right on, man. Thanks.

Would that be something you’d be interested in including? I’m working on a health care app that tracks the amount of time a doctor spends treating a patient, including online appointments using teleconferencing. Zoom is emerging as a popular solution in the health care industry, and this might be an attractive feature.

Anyways, thanks again!

Hey @kgandy,

Zoom does track the amount of time a meeting lasts which can be seen on the Dashboard page in the Zoom Web Portal, and can also be retrieved via our API.