Meeting UI not visible when backgrounding app or navigating to other areas in my app


  1. When I am in a meeting and I minimize my app, there is no meeting UI. When using the Zoom app and minimizing the Zoom app while in a meeting, there is a video (picture-in-picture). I would expect the Zoom Meeting SDK to behave the same way as the Zoom app. I have background modes enabled as a capability for my app.
  2. When I am in a meeting in my app, and I press the back button on the main meeting screen, it takes me back to my screen in the app with a minimized view of the meeting video. When I navigate in my app and another view controller is presented, the presented view controller covers the zoom meeting video. Is there a solution for this?

Please see the video examples below that demonstrate what I mean.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

Video Examples

  1. RPReplay_Final1694739312.MP4 - Google Drive
  2. RPReplay_Final1694739372.MP4 - Google Drive


  • Device: iPhone 11
  • OS: iOS 16.4

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