Meeting webhooks do not arrive for a few minutes after OAuth authorization

We manage an OAuth app which accepts 4 webhooks, which are “meeting.started”, “meeting.participant_joined”, “meeting.participant_left”, “recording.completed”.

Some webhooks do not seem to arrive for a few minutes after OAuth authorization. And we are having trouble for the missed webhooks, as our service needs information obtained through them (particularly meeting.participant_joined).

How To Reproduce

  1. User authorizes OAuth with our app “MiiTel for Zoom”.
  2. User starts a meeting and cloud recording right away.
  3. User ends the cloud recording and meeting

Some webhooks are not fired. It seems like it takes a few minutes after authorization before webhooks to be fired.


  • meeting.started => does not arrive
  • meeting.participant_joined => does not arrive
  • meeting.participant_left => does not arrive
  • recording.completed => arrives


  • Exactly how much time does it take after authorization, for webhooks to be issued?
  • Are there any way to get information (which the missed webhooks ought to have sent) through API access?
  • Or, could you include those information on recordings.completed webhook?

Hi @rc-tech ,

You should receive the webhooks shortly after the event occurs if they are authorized.

Yes you can use our Meeting and Dashboard API endpoints to get much of the same information about the participants!

We can’t edit which information is available to receive on particular webhooks. What you see on the documentation for each webhook is what you should receive.

Can you please go through this process when you next notice webhook issues?

Hi @Gianni

Thank you for answering. I have some more questions.

It seems to take more than a minute, though authorization is successful. We would be glad if you could tell us exactly how much time it takes. If that depends on circumstances, we would appreciate it if we could know that.

I found an API (Get past meeting participants). But one key information is missing.
It gives me the participants UUID but not user_id (i.e. "payload.object.participant.user_id: “16778240” in meeting.participant_joined).
I cannot find an API to get user_id, but could you kindly let me know which?
We need that information to identify users.

I have read the post and the links in it. I’m positive we’re doing it correctly, yet the trouble persists.


It’s been a while since my last post. I notice my mention was not correct. I would appreciate it if you could check on the above post and answer my questions. Thank you in advance

Hi @rc-tech ,

Apologies for the delay!

Please reference this section for info on webhook delivery and latency: Using webhooks

This endpoint gives participant.user_id: Zoom Meeting API

Make sure to put type=past for the query string parameters if looking for past meeting info.

Does this help?

Hi @gianni.zoom

Thanks for the help.
I suppose I could find a way, thanks to your help.

No problem, did that endpoint help to validate the info you’re looking for?