Meeting & Webinar Scopes not available when creating OAuth app

Going through the wizard to create a Server-to-server OAuth app. The list of scopes to choose from does not include Meeting or Webinar.

The user is in our Developer role, in which I recently enabled the OAuth app View and Edit permissions. How long before that role change takes effect?

@neil , I can see the meeting and webinar scopes in my test account. Can you try looking from an admin user and tell me if you see them? It may be that your developer role does not have all the permissions to see those.

Thanks for the response! I heard back from support, and there were some missing perms on the role (as you’ve suggested). The following needed to be enabled…

  • Account Management: Account Profile
  • Account Management: Account Settings
  • User and Perm Management: Users

So happy it’s been resolved @neil !

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