Meeting with certain attendees

I have been testing different combinations with no luck so far.
I am using a Pro account.

My scenario is:

  • List of attendees who will join a meeting without using waiting room. The source of this list could be a “Group”? I can enforce to register these users a Zoom acount under my master account.
  • Other users than those, will be sent to waiting room.

What I want to achieve is sharing the link and password of a meeting among a large set of users, around 500. But I do not want these users to share again these credentials, so I need to require them to log in with a certain email.

Is this possible?
Thank you

Hey @La_Palma,

Please see the email authentication option here:


Hi Tommy, thank you for your answer.

However, authentication profiles doesn’t fit what I want to achieve.

“If a participant tries to join the meeting or webinar and is not logged into Zoom, or logging in with the specified email domain, they will receive one of the following messages”

I want to prevent all participants to join my meeting, even if they know my password and are logged in into Zoom, to only participants whose email is authorized.

Unfortunately I can’t use “specific email domain”

Thank you

Me too.
I want to allow only my own users whom not registered as zoom users.
Someone outside of my own can not join meeting even they got the url and password.

Hey @La_Palma, @edemy,

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