Only authenticated users can join meeting?


We create an activity using Zoom Api methods. While creating the event, we can set the “meeting_authentication” value to “true” to make it mandatory for users to login with the Zoom account. In addition, is there a way to ensure that only Zoom accounts belonging to the e-mail we have determined join the event?

Hi @omer.aktas, to ensure that these settings are enforced, you will need to set up Authentication Profiles for meetings which the meeting will require. This can require Single-Sign On or users exclusively signed in with your domain.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the answer. Most users use gmail or hotmail. In this case, the restriction is not sufficient according to the domain.

For example, only, … accounts can participate in the event.

Is it possible?

Hi Michael,

The issue is still unresolved. We kindly ask you to help. :pray:

Hey @omer.aktas,

If you have common email domains like entering your event, I suggest using Meeting Registration instead.


Thank you for your answer. This will meet our needs.

Good work.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: