MeetingActivity is deprecated, what is the replacement?

I have developed a simple extension to MeetingActivity as explained here:

This works, but I’m now seeing that MeetingActivity is deprecated when I build the app.

I’ve done some searching around but cannot find what replaces it. Is there an update to the above document, or how should I update my app?

I’m using Meeting SDK for Android, version:

Hi @tomas.stubbs ,

Thanks for the post. MeetingActivity is now deprecated and you may use NewMeetingActivity instead(NewMeetingActivity ( SDK API Document)).


Hi Carson, thanks so much for the very swift response!

I saw that class and wondered about it, I’ll give it try :slight_smile:


Hi Carson,

Is there some documentation on the use of NewMeetingActivity beyond the javadoc? Or some migration guide to using it?

I hoped for a straight replacement, but it doesn’t just plug in and work for me.
EDIT: Starting a meeting works fine (I found I needed to set hardware acceleration to true in the manifest, and with that it works)

But when I attempt to join another meeting, it just stays with the message “Preparing meeting” and never completes. By tapping the back button I can cancel the meeting, but that seems to be all I can do.


Hi again,

I think I’ve narrowed the problem down. I do not supply a password when joining a meeting, I rely on Zoom’s functionality which previously would pop up a dialog asking for it.

But that is where it seems to hang. If I add the password in the join params, the meeting goes ahead. If it’s missing or incorrect, the join hangs as mentioned at “Preparing meeting”.

Any idea what I can do to fix this please?

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