Meetings are Getting Deleted Automatically


Me and our team is developing a website. We are using the zoom platform to schedule meetings on daily basis. On daily basis we are scheduling 20 meets per zoom id.
But from past week some of the meetings are getting deleted from zoom.

We are getting error while fetching meeting details:- Meeting ID is Invalid.

We had done JWT implementation.
The version we are using is 1.8.6 for Zoom Meeting SDK.

Please I need a explanation on this as soon as possible.

Thanks ,
Sahil Shete

Hi @teacher10 ,

Happy to help.

  • Have there been any updates made to your code base for how you fetch/delete meetings?

  • Is there a trend in the types of meetings being deleted?

  • Do you think it’s possible that someone who should not have got access to your API key/secret and are making delete requests on your behalf to the API?


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