Memory leak in Zoom website meeting hosting?

Although I select the question category as WebSDK, it’s nothing to do with Web SDK. I have hosted my zoom meeting by login into my zoom account in website. I hosted a meeting and asked another attendee to join. After about 20 mins sharing the screen, my browser tab got freezed with the following screen. This seems like there is a memory leak in client side.

When I refresh the web page and I could join the meeting. Other attendee didn’t had any interruption except that he saw my avatar and no sound until I come back by refreshing my browser tab. Again after like 5 mins this happened. It’s the same message I saw. Please let me know if this is a known issue. If so, when will it be fixed?

Hey @jude.niroshan11,

I have been seeing this error in chrome lately too on Zoom and other websites.

How often is this happening?