Extremely high disk usage while hosting a meeting using web-sdk

Is there a way to periodically clear the browser cache while hosting a meeting using the Zoom web-sdk? While using Chrome on Mac OS X, the cache size increases to ~7GB in just 15 minutes. For an hour long meeting, the cache size can go upto ~30GB which is likely to slow down startup disks in low-end, single function laptops (like Netbooks, Chromebooks, and Macbook Air devices).

Is there a way to periodically, programatically clear the disk storage cache while the meeting is in session?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks @moogway, we are looking into this. (CS-1816)


Thanks Tommy! Any updates?

Hey @moogway,

Are you using Chrome? If so, it should be fixed once Chrome 84 is released.



Got it. Yes we are using Chrome. Thanks @tommy your answer resolves this issue for now. We will test more and update. I have another question and it would be really helpful if that can be resolved quickly too. I will ask that in another thread.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: