/metrics/meetings/{uuid}/participants does not return correct next page token for past meeting

I issue a call to /metrics/meetings/{uuid}/participants,
there should be more than 300 participiants in that meeting, but when I issue the API call, it return only 300 records with a null next page token

NO error, but the API result is not correct

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
/metrics/meetings/{uuid}/participants will return an empty next page token
however if you call
/past_meetings/{uuid}/participants, the call will return 300 participant records with a none null next_page_token

Screenshots (If applicable)
{‘page_count’: 2, ‘page_size’: 300, ‘total_records’: 323, ‘next_page_token’: ‘4sQRU9jSJOR9M6ocPmlZupP23ZMeXjTcJK2’… (for past_meetings call)

{‘page_count’: 1, ‘page_size’: 300, ‘total_records’: 323, ‘next_page_token’: ‘’… (when using /metrics/meetings/{}/participants using the same uuid)

Welcome @wonghk,

Thank you for posting. To confirm, both /metrics/meetings/{uuid}/participants and /past_meetings/{uuid}/participants show ‘total_records’: 323, however, only 300 records are returned. Is that accurate?

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