Mic and sound not working on iPhone 14

Hello again, folks! :sweat_smile:

I’ve been testing Zoom Web SDK a lot these last few days, trying to solve some problems I’ve found on Mac and iPhone.
After many tries, the implementation of Credentialless Headers (I was using Cross-Origin Isolation before) helped me a lot to solve these issues!

But… there’s still one problem that I need help.
On iPhone 14, nothing related to sound works. I can’t hear the meeting and no one can hear me talking.
And this problem isn’t related to the iOS version. I’ve made tests on iPhones 11, 13 and 14, all with iOS 16.1.1 and on iPhone 11 and 13 everything works nice.

So, just to summarize the problem:

  • Mic and sound not working on iPhone 14
  • Not iOS related problem (iPhone 11 and 13 with the same iOS (16.1.1) works fine)
  • Using Zoom Web SDK 2.9.0
  • Using Credentialless Headers
  • Tested on a meeting

Thanks in advance!

the problem is that “Credentialless Headers” breakes Firefox “Web SDK gallery view”

Firefox needs “Cross-Origin Isolation” for “Web SDK gallery view”

Hello Jürgen,

Sorry, but my question was about audio in Safari and Chrome on iPhone 14, not about gallery view in Firefox. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tip anyway! I didn’t tested gallery view in Firefox!

with 2.95 Gallery view for Firefox is official (2 hours ago)


  1. Gallery view support for Firefox with SharedArrayBuffer enabled.

you should check your iPhone 14 problem on the normal (non SDK) web version

  • create a meeting

  • convert the invite link to a direct link zoom-invite

  • now click the direct link on mobile

  • you are now on the ‘normal’ - non SDK version - of zoom web client

Hello again!

Just tested web version on iPhone 14 like @j.schoenemeyer said.
Sound was like intermittent and It has a delayed start (after joining the meeting, it was about 18 seconds until I can hear other attendees).
Mic just doesn’t work.

And I’ve tested the new 2.9.5 Web SDK version.
Now sound has the same behavior as the web version.
Mic only worked once, on Chrome, after many tries on changing the mic device and testing it on settings.

In short, there are many problems with Zoom web (normal and SDK) on iPhone 14.

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