Microphone not working while app has AVFoundation Framework


Hi Team,

The microphone is not working while if I navigate the Application screen which contains AVPlayer and AVSpeechSynthesizer classes. My audio is connected and its unmute only.

A microphone is working on all the other screens.

Which version?

Hi @pandiyaraj,

Thanks for the post.This is a conflict when both SDK and your app is trying to use the audio at the same time. Please try to set the category of AVAudioSession to be AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord before starting a meeting of after finished using the AVPlayer like the following:

[[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] setCategory:AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord error:nil];

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks Much Carson.

Issue got fixed. But now i am facing another issue in screen share.

Our app has a sequence of images to be shown with animation on it. In iOS Zoom SDK, this animation is displayed on the guest side when screen sharing is on. It looks choppy and some animations were skipped to the guest.

Is there any way to enable optimize fullscreen clips and increase the refresh rate?

Please let us know how to resolve this?

Which version?

ForumLink: Optimize screenshare - Animations looks choppy on screenshare in iOS

Note: Also we have seen in “Optimize Screen Share for video clip” will give more speed. How to enable Mobile SDKs- iOS.

Hi @pandiyaraj,

Thanks for the reply. I have replied to you in that post and I will provide further assistance over there.