Microsoft Dynamics 365 App. Call Stack Not Populating


I have a Zoom user whose call stack will not populate when there is a new call. The call stack is empty and only displays “All call logs have been handled.”

This issue first arose after the user’s Zoom account was deactivated and reactivated.

I have tried the following to resolve this issue:

  • Clearing the cache and cookies on both Edge and Chrome and resigning into both the Dynamics CRM
    portal and Zoom Dynamics 365 app.
  • Removing the Dynamics 365 app and re-adding it
  • Reinstalling Zoom full client
  • Updating Zoom full client
  • Setting the duration for the Dynamics 365 app to “Always” under Zoom desktop client → Settings → Phone → Call Control → Call control from third party Apps

Thank you.

Hi @mauricio.baron
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum.
Can you please open a ticket with our support team here:

They will be able to help you with this integration

Hi Elisa,

I opened a ticket there but they closed it and directed me here.

Ticket #TS0072551

Thank you.

Thanks @mauricio.baron
Sorry about that, could you please open a new ticket and our support team will take care of you