Zoom App in Salesforce - Click to dial not working and Not getting Incoming Calls


  1. The click to dial feature isn’t working i.e I can’t call the phone numbers on leads or contacts
  2. I have set up the softphone layouts, yet when I receive the call on Zoom App, the salesforce widget doesn’t show the call.

Which App?
Zoom Marketplace App

My issue is resolved.

Happy to hear your issue is resolved! :slight_smile:


@tommy - I noticed an issue when receiving incoming calls. So 8 associates are working our calls and they are in a queue. So anyone can pick up an inbound call on the Zoom client App. When one person accepts the call, the salesforce page should either pop the screen based on the screen pop settings if a single record matches or multiple records match. I checked there is only one softphone layout and that is assigned to all call center users. I am the Salesforce Admin.

  1. First, the screen pops for me even though I am not accepting the inbound call and whichever associate accepts, the same thing won’t happen.
  2. I logged out of the Zoom App, thinking that since I am an admin, maybe the system is routing it to me (which is weird). So even now the Screen pop settings aren’t working for other associates.

Hey @meghnakulkarni,

Can you please create a new topic and provide steps to reproduce the issue so we can debug?


@meghnakulkarni you mentioned this issue was fixed . Did you have to do anything to fix it? We are encountering the same problem

Hey @michael7,

Can you please create a new topic and provide steps to reproduce the issue so we can debug it? :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy

Actually upgraded the zoom package to their latest version and that fixed the issue !

Kind Regards

Mike Stubbs-Egginton

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Hey @michael7,

Happy to hear that fixed the issue! :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need help with anything else!


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