Migrate apps from personal marketplace account to shared account

We have created some Zoom marketplace apps to integrate our application with Zoom. These apps were created under an account that I created (i.e. the account is associated with my email address and I own the password).

We would like to be able to add other people to this account so that they have access to the apps should I be unavailable (e.g. to perform key rotation). Failing that, we would like to create a new marketplace account using a shared email address and migrate our apps from the personal account over to the shared one.

When I asked about this a while back (18 months ago or so) the answer was that it was not possible. Is that still the case?

Hi @andrew0113

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum! I am happy to help here!

So, are you trying to transfer one app that you have created in a private account to another account?
Is my understanding correct?

If so, feel free to open a support ticket here sharing more details about the app and the accounts involved so we can help you out with the process.


Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ll create a support ticket.

Amazing! I will keep an eye on it and will take it from there!

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