Migrate Legacy OAuth App to Latest General Purpose App

I have a live app which was created couple of years ago - Its an OAuth type app. I now wish to upgrade the capabilities with support embedding the app into Zoom Client for users to get additional functionality.
While I have created a new test app and implemented the features, I am unable to understand how to upgrade my current Live App to include these capabilities. I do not see any features for Access, Surface, Embed (which the latest test app has)

Any help will be appreciated

Hi Kiran, Thanks for your question. We are actively working to allow the ability to convert your legacy apps to general apps which can then leverage the new features across Access, Surface and Embed.

If you are interested, we do have a beta program where we are accepting accounts to try out this convert functionality. Here is a signup link: Legacy to General App Conversion Beta Intake Form



Thanks, Chait. I have signed up on the same!

Within the app configuration settings, there should be options to update or upgrade your app’s capabilities. Look for options related to embedding within the Zoom Client or any other features you wish to add.

not really Haris - there are no such options for legacy OAuth apps.

Hi @chait.donthini1
Any update here? What is the expected lead time to get approved for the beta program?

@kiran.narasareddy I see that we added your account to the beta program. When you login to view your apps under Manage → Created Apps: Are you not seeing a ‘Start Conversion’ button?

Hi @kiran.narasareddy
I am registering an application in zoom for our website’s user to use zoom for discussion.
But currently my application is accessible only from mine account. I want it should be accessible to all users. How we can register that it should be use outside our account.
Can you please help me?