Zoom App Scope not showing up as an option for my OAuth application


So, I am looking to build an application that integrates with Zoom. Pretty much, it will be a button that someone can use during the call. I tried building an OAuth application from Zoom’s GitHub and built it out, but I’m not sure how to get it integrated within a zoom call.

For example, I downloaded an app from the marketplace called Draw with Scribble which is a whiteboard application. I was wondering how to get my app to be installed into my meeting like that, and I just can’t find anywhere that helps me to figure that out. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Edit: I figured it out! It’s the Zoom Apps scopes, but this scope isn’t popping up for my OAuth application. Why is that?

Hi @mrloganellis,

Thanks for reaching out about this—as Zoom Apps are still in a closed beta while we prepare for General Availability, the Zoom Apps scope is not yet publicly available.

We are hoping, however, to have more details on timing for GA very shortly.


Awesome, I definitely appreciate that!

Is there any way to become part of the closed beta?

Hey @mrloganellis,

Our beta is closed as we approach GA soon, but you’re welcome to open a request here and share more details about your use case and express interest. Our team can direct this inquiry to the right people if there are any openings.


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