Migrating account from Zoom to Video SDK

I was directed here from a Sales and a Support Rep via a support ticket as they did not have the answers. I find it an odd place to ask these questions…but here I go!

We plan to migrate our use of our platform’s Zoom interaction from a Zoom meeting link that opens the Zoom app to using the Zoom Video SDK directly within our web app. It appears that I will need to create a new business account to do so (source: Setting up developer accounts). I have a few questions before doing so:

  1. Currently, we are using a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom for our meetings. Will Zoom Video SDK still be HIPAA-compliant and could we use the same signed BAA or will a new BAA need to be signed specific to this new account?
  2. Audio Conferencing (Callout) is needed and looks like it is supported on Zoom Video SDK. I want to confirm that there are no caveats there as we currently use it as an alternative way for our landline phone users to be called into these meetings. This works identical to how it behaves in a Zoom meeting?
  3. Are there any other considerations I should be aware of in regards to HIPAA compliance with the Video SDK or in regards to billing with two different accounts (Video SDK account and our regular account)?


Hi @ryan.saunders

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and I’m happy to help! You are correct that a Zoom Video SDK account must be a new separate account from your corporate account as it is a different account type rather than an add-on.

Regarding HIPAA compliance, a new (VideoSDK specific) BAA is required for VideoSDK accounts and I’ll be reaching out to discuss that more in depth. You are also correct that the call out feature for VideoSDK parallels the way it works in a Zoom meeting and requires an audio plan to be in place.

Awesome, you’re a lifesaver, thank you!