Migration to SDK app type for Web meeting

We are trying to migrate to SDK app type from JWT to implement component view. Please address my queries below:

  1. Is it absolutely necessary for us to migrate to SDK app type, if yes, how would it help us?

  2. How would the communication of our backend with zoom apis(for meeting creation etc.) happen if we migrate? As of now we are using JWT token, would it be requiring SDK authentication token for the same? If yes, how can we generate the SDK token?

  3. How can we generate SDK signature for a python app. There is no documentation and clarity on that.

Few more topics we would like more information on:

  • The number of features of customizations the component view has currently has.
  • Known issues for it.
  • Upcoming features.
  • How will be receiving the required Help & Support as we’re implementing it quite early.
  • Information on browser support of component view sdk.

Developer App Type : SDK App
SDK Operating System: Web
Browser with version Chrome: 100+
SDK Version: 2.6.0

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