Participants reports different from API to website

When I use both this endpoints:


And the usage report from the website backoffice, the data is differente in each one.

The data is different from API to backoffice reports.

Additional context
In fact, I would like to know which endpoint can give me that same data as the “Usage Reports”, Participants dialog detail, that I think it is the most complete report for my app needs.

Hey @university

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I was able to look into our logs and it looks like the meeting you are calling has different instances, thats why you are getting different information.

I would suggest you to call the endpoints again but with the meetingUUID and not the meetingID.
As you are calling the endpoint with the meetingID, you are getting the latest instance in your API calls, which indeed had 60 participants.

The one you are looking into the Web Portal might belong to a different instance but associated to the same meetingID.

You can use this endpoint to query past_meeting instances and use the uuids in the response to then call the Dashboard and Reports endpoint

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