Missing character in costomer_key when receive webinar.participant_joined and webinar.participant_left webhook

Zoom API Event(s): webinar.participant_joined, webinar.participant_left

	"payload": {
		"account_id": "fnr4f0PHT6GmsPVrX1KdDA",
		"object": {
			"uuid": "NbbhjVEiSiag6fO450pltQ==",
			"participant": {
				"customer_key": "226881e2-c1df-499d-ab7f-130b525f48d",
				"user_id": "16801792",
				"user_name": "A211192 James",
				"registrant_id": "s3bIou8VTTiG_iJIk9KeEQ",
				"participant_user_id": "",
				"id": "",
				"join_time": "2023-07-07T03:39:18Z",
				"email": "",
				"participant_uuid": "8966E29B-23CA-01E7-43E8-B103613B6848"
			"id": "95217778580",
			"type": 5,
			"topic": "First Demo with Team",
			"host_id": "goHD-v4BQvuTAGKdBH4aRw",
			"duration": 120,
			"start_time": "2023-07-07T02:51:01Z",
			"timezone": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur"
	"event_ts": 1688701161652,
	"event": "webinar.participant_joined"


We are facing an issue when set customer_key as a UUID with 36 digits into the SDK.

Take the id 226881e2-c1df-499d-ab7f-130b525f48dc for example,

When we are joining the meeting, the id is fully 36 digits.

However when we receive the webhook, the last ā€˜cā€™ is missing 226881e2-c1df-499d-ab7f-130b525f48d

Can you please kindly help to check on this? Thanks!
Zoom SDK version:
Android: v5.14.10.14272
iOS: v5.14.10.8635

Hi @deen.prd.admin
Sorry for the late reply here!
Are you still experiencing this issue?