Missing webhook notifications for inbound anonymous Zoom Phone calls


Our company uses Zoom Phone for all telephone communications.
We have a JWT App with an event subscription for just one event - Call Recorded.
We’re supposed to receive a notification after every recorded call. As soon as we get a notification, we download the corresponding audio record from the cloud and store it in our CRM.


From the very first day of using this system, we noticed that the number of recordings stored in our CRM is less than we can see in the phone recordings history on zoom.us website. Unfortunately, we can’t see the event subscription webhook log to check if Zoom actually hit our endpoint. That’s why I created another webhook-only app and subscribed for the same event - Call Recorded.

Now we can say for sure, that Zoom doesn’t send us notifications for ALL recorded phone calls. So far, I’ve discovered one particular type of calls that we never had notifications of. This is inbound calls from unknown (anonymous) callers.

Which App Type

JWT and Webhook

Additional context

For example, on January 28 we had 30 recordings in total, including 6 inbound calls. Only 3 of those inbound calls were from unknown callers, and we’re missing exactly 3 recording notifications in the webhook-only app webhook logs. We had the notifications about the rest 27 call recordings. Moreover, we had exactly the same notifications for both our apps. This is an indicator of a fundamental flaw in the way notifications work.

I suspect the system can’t send notifications if a caller is unknown, because the caller isn’t stored yet at the time of sending the notification. However, such calls are successfully recorded, saved in the cloud and shown in our history later on.

I have the full logs saved for the day, in case you need more detailed information. I hope I described the issue well enough, and it’s fairly easy to reproduce.

Hi @vitr,

Thanks for reaching out about this and for explaining the situation so clearly. I’m happy to help take a closer look at this for you.

It’s possible that we don’t send webhooks for anonymous calls, but I can confirm this with my team. To confirm, you’re subscribed to the following webhook, right?

Is it possible to share some of the recording IDs for which you’re not receiving the events? This will help me to confirm the expected behavior.


Yes, subscribed to the Recording Completed webhook.
Here is the list of the calls without notifications on that day (from zoom.us → phone → recording log)

0414 535 ***   Other enquiries Ext. 841    Jan 28, 2021, 2:22 PM
0458 599 ***   Sales Ext. 839            Jan 28, 2021, 1:02 PM
(02) 9117 0*** Customer Relations Ext. 840 Jan 28, 2021, 9:34 AM

Unfortunately, there are no any exposed IDs, but I can provide the list of downloaded recording filenames and download links, you may get the IDs from there. Otherwise, perhaps, try matching by the time, as we have quite sparse recordings.



Hey @vitr,

Thanks for sharing these details. I’m looking into this for you (ZOOM-242987).


any updates on this?
btw, your team assigned to our zoom account helped us to overcome the issue by using the call queues, so we can download the recordings without notifications, but with an up to 15 minute delay (as we polling the queues every 15 minutes, don’t want to put a heavy load on the system). This is better than nothing, but I hope you can resolve the issue with missing notifications.

Hi @vitr,

Thanks for following up on this, and glad that our team was able to provide a work around of sorts. That said, our team is still investigating this and I’ve followed up with them just now. I hope to have an update for you soon.(ZOOM-242987)


Hi @vitr,

Thank you for your patience while we continue to investigate this. I just wanted to follow up quick and ask if it’s possible to share a more recent example (within the last 14 days). This would be really helpful for our Engineering team. If you have one, you can share it in the same format as you did here:

Let me know—thanks,

Maybe I should refer to our internal ticket here https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/9382342
Khurtz explained everything there pretty accurately. I believe a feature request has been created, but I don’t have a particular case/ticket number to track it.
Anyway, here are some recordings without notifications from today, March 3:
call_recording_ab44051e-f4f6-4552-b134-86a7462bd16b_20210303035417.mp3 call_recording_3e976268-f369-454e-a04b-bab209688943_20210303032401.mp3 call_recording_2f99a359-6ef0-418a-aeaf-1e7ee43b5171_20210303040708.mp3

Hi @vitr,

Thank you for confirming these details. I can confirm a feature request was created for this.


thanks, it’s really good to know, but how can I check the progress on this? is there any bug/feature tracker that I can subscribe to?

Hi @vitr,

We don’t have a pubic facing feature/bug tracker, but you can always check in with our Support Team on the status of a request.


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