Missing webhooks

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I’m trying to add an app event subscription for phone.call_queue_joined event but I cannot see it in the list.

No error. Just maybe can’t see all the events. In the following image, I have scrolled as far down as I can. Hard to tell if there are more off the bottom of the scroll area that I can’t see. But the event I want is not in items above.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @ben6,

Thank you for raising this. We’re looking into this (ZOOM-266525).


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Hi @ben6,

Thanks again for having brought this to our attention. As it turns out, there is an error in our documentation at the moment—this webhook event is not quite available just yet, and our team will be updating the documents to reflect this. You can expect general availability for this event in the near future.

Thanks, and apologies for the misleading documentation,

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