Mobile android and IOS App Crashes during Webinar session

Hi Team,

Our client Chemist Wharehouse, Australia have faced an mobile app crashes during thier webinar session on 17th Jul 2023 from 6:30PM AEST to 8:00 PM AEST. Client have their our own internal app which uses zoom meeting SDK to join webinar sessions from the internal mobile app. We observed some crashes during webinar session, as per our technical team Zoom SDK wont send any logs or error response, if there are any crashes during webinar session. We are requesting you to help and provide below information:

• Any crash related information during the webinar session mentioned above.
• Is there a way to capture Zoom session app crashes using Zoom Meeting SDK.
• Any webinar session logs captured by Zoom, if yes, how to extract the logs.
• We are using 5.12.8v native Zoom meeting SDK version to connect webinar sessions.

Webinar ID: 93548009044
Webinar Name: August Product Information Session 2023

Please let us know if any other details are required.


I need some urgent help to understand it there is a way we can extract log for the crashes occurring during ongoing webinar sessions.

Looking forwards to get some response, thanks in advance.