Zoom Sdk Crashes while Webinar Switches to Gallery View

We are using Zoom in your application. We are using webinar and it works fine when we used the speaker mode. If the Panelist change from Speaker View to Gallery view the SDK crashed and kicked the user out of app and neither user able to join the zoom again until it changed back to speaker mode again.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a Webinar with speaker view on desktop app
  2. Join Webinar from iOS Sdk
  3. After 1-2 mins Switch from Speaker View to Gallery View
  4. And iOS sdk Crashes and neither you are able to join again until it changes to Speaker mode again

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: All iOS devices
  • OS: 13.1 and all versions
  • Version

Additional context
Here are the different devices crash report for the same

Please check the above issues and fix this ASAP


Hi mohan.thakur,

Thanks for the post and thanks for providing the crash log. I have also tried to follow your steps to reproduce this with our demo app but no luck. After analyzing the crash log, it seems like the crash is not happening with Zoom SDK:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Why it only give the error when we changed to the Gallery mode not for the Speaker mode? Rest all the functionality is working fine. The crashes caused only by the Gallery view. I am not having access to anything all the things are in your sdk so can you please try to dig down to check what causes the issue in your framework. Rest all functionaliy is working fine. If the issue is related to my code why it works well for rest of the things for zoom. Only when panelist change to Gallery view from the Desktop app ios Sdk crashes. I also posted you multiple crash report

Hi Excuse me, this crash using your steps is sure to be able to appear?
I can not reproduce it on my phone, it looks like it’s nested in a loop.

Please check this particular Case

When switch to Gallery mode Make sure your panelist video(Camera) is on then only it crashes. If the video is off then it works fine for gallery mode as well. So please check the with particular case (camera on with gallery mode in Webinar) it crashes.

Check the below screenshot from your SDK crash

Hi mohan.thakur

Can you try it in our sample project? See if you can reproduce the crash?

i will do in that as well.

Is it ok on our sample? The crash can only occur on your app?

i didn’t check in your demo yet. Will check and post you. Meanwhile can you please check the above scenario at your end also if you disable the gallery view in zoom sdk settings you can see the exact crash.

I had tried in our sample using your step, but I can not reproduce the crash.
So, hope you can also try our sample and see if there are any other scenarios to help us solve the problem.
At the moment, it looks like a crash caused by the nesting of a UI

Your sdk is also crashing… i am sending you report for that and settings… wait and video

Please check the below Video from your sdk and same Crash In your Demo SDK project

Video of your sdk version Crashing in gallery view

Check the loops are in your sdk. It doesn’t relates to my code.

Please let me know how i can more help you to reproduce this…

Hi ~ I’m so sorry,I’ll follow the steps in your video,I can not reproduce it also.
Could you please upload your modified sample project code? I will try again on it


In the sample project i changed nothing i just put my app secret and app key and changed param dictionary in this class
#import “SDKStartJoinMeetingPresenter+JoinMeetingOnly.h”

    NSDictionary *paramDict = @{

// kMeetingParam_MeetingPassword:"",
After that i run the code and changed the app settings as in the above video. And when ever i joined the webinar i changed the Gallery view mode(with video on) from the desktop app the Sdk crashed. Please change the below settings in the demo app as you run on device.

Also domain into zoom.us

After the above settings as i joined the zoom the sdk works fine until the gallery mode is enable from panelist.

Please let me know if any other help is required to find-out this crash.
We can also discuss on zoom call in order to show the same case.


*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

you change the Gallery view mode from desktop?
How did you change the Gallery view mode? Can you show me the screenshot.

Yes i am changing the gallery view from the desktop app. First start the webinar with Desktop app and join this webinar with ios SDK and from Desktop app allow user to speak. Once you allow user to speak, make sure video is on for desktop app. Now switch between Speaker view to Gallery View from desktop app and check in iOS sdk it will crash.

Below is the screenshot from where you can switch to gallery mode.

Please let me know if any further other things are required at my end.


I have done all the steps just like you, but I still can’t reproduce.

In addition, the switch between Speaker view to Gallery view from desktop app is your desktop behavior, which should not affect the ios SDK.

I guess it has something to do with the phone and the iOS system. Can you change the iphone to try again, what’s your SDK version? 4.6.21666.0428 if not please go to https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios to update , and then try.

I am also very confused

If you are not able to reproduce it i can help you in that. Are you available on zoom call ?So i can show you how you can reproduce it. Also my version is v4.6.21666.0427. If you feel free to discuss i am available on zoom call and can show you the live.

Also i checked it on different devices its crashing for all.

V4.6.21666.0427 is a temporary version, can you upgrade to try it? https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios

By the way, could you try it on a different phone?

It is not convenient for zoom call because of the different time zone. If we still cannot solve this problem tomorrow, we will have a zoom meeting,ok?