MobileRTC onMobileRTCAuthReturn [Error: Error: 11])

Meeting SDK Type and Version
zoom-sdk-ios- and zoom-sdk-android-


I updated (iOS and Android) SDK versions to the latest.
I followed Meeting SDK Auth link to generate JWT Token which is mandatory for zoom initialisation

In my app there are mainly two methods for meeting and joining.

  1. ZoomUs.initialize({
    jwtToken: jwttoken,
    iosAppGroupId: ‘’,
    iosScreenShareExtensionId: ‘’,

  2. const startMeeting = async () => {
    try {
    const joinMeetingResult = await ZoomUs.joinMeeting({
    autoConnectAudio: true,
    userName: `UserName,
    meetingNumber: 123456789,
    password: ‘B3NqhAVw00BY3q0hKevjOWzRVXUQm6.1’ || ‘’,
    noMeetingErrorMessage: true, // Set this to be able to show Alert.alert
    console.log({ startMeetingResult });
    } catch (e) {
    Alert.alert(‘Error’, ‘Could not execute startMeeting’);
    console.error(‘ERR’, e);

After executing the app I am still getting errors like ( ZoomUs.initialize=> ', [Error: Error: 11])
Please help to fix the [Error: Error: 11] and generate JWT Token which is mandatory for Meeting SDK initialization.


  1. First Time:
    I tried all possible ways but getting two type of issues
    'ZoomUs.initialize=> ', [Error: Error: 11]

  2. Send time:
    @“Already initialize Zoom SDK successfully.”

Current JWT Token:

Troubleshooting Routes
I have also tried to run with the sample app(iOS and Android) provided in SDK but found the same error.

Please provide the solution for an Error.



your sdkKey and appKey are not correct. You need to put in the client ID.

iat and exp are also too far apart, they can only be a maximum of 2 days differences from iat and exp.