Change icons


Hi, is it possible to change/delete/reorder the screen sharing icons (see attached)? If so, could you please tell me how to do so? Thanks.


Hi Bert, 

currently Mac SDK supports hide the buttons only. Please take a look at some APIs in the ZoomSDKMeetingService.h file:

BOOL  _shareToolBarVisible;

BOOL  _mainToolBarVisible;

BOOL  _showInviteButtonInToolbar;




Cool, thanks. What would the code be to hide the New Share button please?


Hi Bert,

we will add this in the following release!




That’s great news. Do you know when that release will be? Weeks? Months? Thanks.


Also, is it possible to hide certain buttons in the Windows SDK?


Hi Bert,

next release will be around early August. 

Yes, windows SDK do support these controls. You can take a look at those APIs by open Zoom SDK.chm file under “doc” folder for windows package.