Motion Detection of physical Raised Hand

Hi, I’m here to propose a feature to improve the Zoom experience.
The function is necessary to allow people, little or not at all capable, in the use of electronic devices.

An elderly person attends a meeting with many active people.
He would like to be able to speak by asking the attention of those present.
He raises his hand, but the others can’t see him among all the participants.
He is unable to use the program to trigger the “raise hand”.
This person feels very disheartened and neglected due to his ignorance.

What we need?
WE MUST NEED, to make these people feel involved in this era of isolation.
If developers can integrate the detection of a hand in front of the camera (a simple gesture) and activate the “raise hand” function, our parents, grandparents, and loved ones will be grateful to us and will not feel out of date.

Thanks for your consideration.