MSDK_RawDataDemo question

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I am currently experimenting with the SendVideoRawData example. It works OK, but it seems like the resolution is stuck at 320x180 for the video being sent. It looks like you should be able to set the suggested resolution (suggest_cap) in the OnInitialize method, but setting it has no effect, I still receive an onPropertyChange call setting the size to 320x180.
Is there a way to send raw video at greater than 320x180 size? It would be great if we could send at 640x360 as that is the raw image size we receive. (It doesn’t seem to matter if we set the renderer size to 720p, it still comes in as 640x360)
This is using the Linux meeting SDK. Thanks for supporting Linux BTW!


The sending should not be limited.
However the overall resolution depends on a few factors.

The recipient, and the resolution they are subscribing to. If the recipient only has a small screen, the SDK will reduce the resolution.

The first few frames are typically lower in resolution

The bandwidth, CPU and RAM on the sending side also affects the resolution of sending

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